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Alt title: Trace of Witch

Scent of a Witch
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Jan 15, 2021

In the land of Uren lies the witches who can transform into beautiful seductresses under a full moon for the sole purpose of sacrificing men to increase their natural abilities (ie: keen eyesight, hearing, clairvoyance, etc). 

Noah/El is the only male witch amongst them and he can only turn into female every full moon due to his cursed fate since birth. So he happened to encounter the third prince Ryan in his female form, spent a passionate night with him (twice to be exact), while also hesitated sacrificing him. This led Ryan to be filled with thoughts of Noah afterwards in the castle and that's how the rest of the events are kickstarted. 

The initial set up gave us some expectations of competitions for the throne, that did play out in the story but it's geared more towards the first 3 princes & the twins. They also made the witches' power out to be some grand treasure anyone would desire, yet after the trial on 2nd prince's murder they're all tormented coz of some stupid suspicions??? Noah mentioned him and the lil clairvoyant witch are the only witches left in the ending so I'll just assume they're all dead. What a waste of potential, they could've been major anti-villains since they can curse and kill men lol. But their capture is merely to provide conflict in order to guilt Noah's moral conscience. 

In addition, there are quite a few plot holes left unresolved: Not mentioning Ryan's guard's death (prolly coz he's not even worth mentioning in their eyes lmao), those magical plants which I forgot the name of that have been burned out, Jania's revenge...?, or even the prophecy seen by the lil witch. Y'know with the prophecy and the jailed witch's curse I was waiting for them to die embracing each other HA. Since it's a no that means it's just used to raise tension. Ik I'm the worst but I still think a tragedy would be a better option. Dying in each other's arms how could that get any better... 

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7.4/10 overall
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Jan 1, 2022

Pretty mediocre after the initial interesting premise.

There's a lot to interest readers in this story: gender-bending, fights for the throne, witches and magical powers. But not much of it is handled well.

To shorten a summary into an understandable length: the only male witch Noah falls for the 3rd prince Ryan. Ryan is initially involved in a fight for the throne, but it seems like he stops caring for that once he becomes obsessed with Noah. Noah is supposedly cursed by the other witches who he betrayed to be miserable, but no idea if that's left as an eventual bad ending because this is not a tragedy manga. There's a future-seeing witch who tells him more misfortune, but it's really close to the end so not hugely important.

The B-plot is really where the plot suffers, in my opinion. The first prince is bed-ridden and has a screwed up mentality. Ian, his love interest, calls him a sadist and unwell mentally a few times. He even says the prince can't love him because of how the prince treats him, and that never changes despite Ian saying he loves the prince too. Readers are expected to just be okay with the 1st prince being horrible. He has his underlings murdered, assaults Ian repeatedly, and only decides to pursue the throne because of Ian. Not sure why, to be honest, and Ian should've run for the hills like he tried to multiple times before the series begins. 

Ryan/Noah should have received more focus and depth. The magic should've been explored more, the fight for the throne should've focused on Ryan more, and too much of the story was focused on a romance between a rapist and his abuse victim. 

3/10 story
5/10 art
5/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jan 11, 2022


I like this, it has a somber atmosphere along with other elements that make it quite peculiar, while also depicting known tropes of the BL genre. I enjoyed the battle to the throne plot and the presence of magic, but I don't think it tops actual comics focused on political battles or sorcery, just to be clear. There is also a side couple that made the story more interesting to me, though I must warn this comic isn't exactly proper lol, if you don't tolerate lack of consent for one, it's better to skip this.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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