Sazan & Comet Girl

Alt title: Sazan to Suisei no Shoujo

Vol: 2; Ch: 29
2015 - 2018
3.893 out of 5 from 29 votes
Rank #7,693
Sazan & Comet Girl

Sazan, a young man from Earth, works on other planets and has seen his share of galactic oddities. But when he meets Mina, a red-headed girl who zooms into his life on a space scooter, he knows he’s run into someone special. Mina contains shocking power within her body – a power coveted by space pirates who hope to steal it from her. Mina zooms out of Sazan’s life almost as quickly as she arrived, but Sazan is determined to find her again… no matter how far he has to chase her across the galaxy.

Source: Seven Seas

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A beautifully illustrated and whimsical nostalgic manga is bogged down by shallow characters and an overlong story. Disclaimer: I read one half of this manga, I do not account for elements that I have missed. I read the single volume omnibus which lacked page numbers and chapter dividers so I am not sure how many chapters I finished. I would recommend the two volume release instead. Sazan and Comet Girl is a novelty for magazine serialized manga: a fully colored, consciously retro stylized artwork using the familiar ideas of late twentieth century science fantasy manga. As an artbook, this is an excellent series of illustrations. As a story, I found this manga to be tiring and too predictable to finish. Summary Sazan is a human construction worker who creates home planets for aliens. After missing the last rocket to Earth, he is picked up by Mina, a bounty hunter hunted by pirates. After learning that Mina is the mysterious Comet Girl, Sazan goes on an adventure to find Mina and help her from the pirates pursuing her for her energy. Art The main reason to read Sazan is the artwork. The intensely bright color palette and the consciously old school settings and character designs create a sense of wonder and a dream like atmosphere. I found myself looking over pages multiple times to absorb the detail and flow of the artwork. Mangaka Yuriko Akase clearly focused on the artwork because some of the art is excellent and memorable. Anyone familiar with older science fantasy manga may find some scenes to enjoy. Plot The plot of Sazan and Comet Girl is both familiar and action packed. An earthling encounters a magical creature, falls in love and tries his best to save her from pursuers. The general tone is a comedic action romance that disregards logic in pursuit of silly fun. There are space battles, elaborate sequences on different planets and plenty of weird alien creatures. There is a little drama but it is for the service of action and light hearted romance. Do not expect many surprises as the plot feels predictable and lightweight. Cast The cast of Sazan is consciously shallow. Sazan is the earth man in love, Mina is the magical girl and there are wacky pirates constantly fighting for Mina's energy. None of these characters develop beyond these ideas. I initially found these characters to be charming as they are blatant stereotypes used for action, broad comedy and simplistic romance. Unfortunately, the stereotypical characters become tiresome over time.  Length Sazan is too long. With over five hundred pages and twenty nine chapters, this story started to suffer toward the middle. With such a simple premise, this manga did not need to be extended to this length to tell its story.  By the time I reached the middle, I felt tired of the artwork, the plot and the cast. The novelty value wore off and I felt no reason to continue. Conclusion Sazan and Comet Girl is an interesting novelty for its artwork and retro style but is far too long as a story. The artwork is excellent and engaging, the plot feels safe and the cast is serviceable. Is Sazan and Comet Girl Worth Reading? This manga may be perfect for those people who want elaborate stylized artwork with simple plotting and characters. Anyone expecting more depth for stories and characters should look elsewhere.

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