Sazan & Comet Girl

Alt title: Sazan to Suisei no Shoujo

Vol: 2; Ch: 29
2015 - 2018
4.138 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #7,261
Sazan & Comet Girl

Sazan, a young man from Earth, works on other planets and has seen his share of galactic oddities. But when he meets Mina, a red-headed girl who zooms into his life on a space scooter, he knows he’s run into someone special. Mina contains shocking power within her body – a power coveted by space pirates who hope to steal it from her. Mina zooms out of Sazan’s life almost as quickly as she arrived, but Sazan is determined to find her again… no matter how far he has to chase her across the galaxy.

Source: Seven Seas

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