Sayonara Koibito, Mata Kite Tomodachi

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.203 out of 5 from 215 votes
Rank #18,503
Sayonara Koibito, Mata Kite Tomodachi

Kanae is a teenage omega who has just moved to a new school in the countryside. He winds up in an elite class filled with alphas, and his pheromones draw them to him like moths to a flame. While most try to woo him with confessions of love, class leader Ougi decides on a more subtle approach: he tells Kanae he just wants to be friends, hoping to slowly build their friendship until it evolves into something more. When Kanae is raped by one of his classmates, Ougi retaliates against the offender and the class's shaky stability begins to fall apart. They become resentful of Ougi and come up with a scheme to hunt Kanae down as a group, determined to sate their desires...

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