Save Me

Ch: 63
2016 - 2017
4.338 out of 5 from 511 votes
Rank #1,018
Save Me

Hyeongoh, the first place student at school, is disabled and has a knack for getting ridiculed by the school's bullies. With no help and no way out, he finds himself in a despairing situation...until someone appears to stand by his side!

Source: Lezhin

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Mizumii Jan 27, 2019
Score 10/10

This Manhwa was very surprising. That ending was something no one expected but those people who did what they did got exactly what they deserved and I’m glad they all suffered for what they did to Heongoh. I almost cried on a certain chapter (spoiler alert). It was already bad enough he was being bullied for being crippled but then his bullies force fed him laxatives and he crapped himself in front of... read more



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