Sang Sang Dang Oriental Medicine Clinic

Alt title: Sang Sang Dang Hanuiwon

Ch: 56
2019 - 2021
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Sang Sang Dang Oriental Medicine Clinic

Mix crow feathers, squirrel fur, and human hair together and voila, you end up with a fragrant decoction that erases memories. On Yeonjin’s third day as secretary at an oriental medicine clinic, she realizes that medicine made from hairy ingredients is just one of the many mysterious things about her new job. The clinic’s impressive clientele includes famous K-pop star, JD, who’s ordered the memory-erasing elixir after a tough breakup. An avid fan of JD’s, Yeonjin’s mind races with questions. Who was JD’s ex? Why does he want his memories erased? Will the medicine actually work?

Source: Lezhin

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