Sand Chronicles

Alt title: Sunadokei

Vol: 10; Ch: 21
2003 - 2006
4.142 out of 5 from 309 votes
Rank #2,280
Sand Chronicles

After her parents get divorced, Ann Uekusa and her mother move from Tokyo to rural Shimane. Accustomed to the anonymity of city living, Ann can't get used to the almost overbearing kindness of the people in her mother's hometown. But when personal tragedy strikes, Ann discovers how much she needs that kindness.

Source: Viz

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MMaru's avatar
MMaru Feb 6, 2013
Score 10/10

Another favorite series of mine!  Ignore the description on the back of the manga - it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what this series is about.  Sand Chronicles tracks the lives of four friends as they grow from children into adulthood, how they grow apart and come back together time and time again.  It's not overdramatic, it's not wild.  It's real.  I can't even begin to... read more

delolmo's avatar
delolmo Oct 28, 2018
Score 9/10

Story I came by this manga by chance, already bored with shoujo as I have read most everything is out there already (or at least it feels like that lol)so I was pleasantly surprised by how invested the story got me. Sunadokei follows the story of Ann after her parents’ divorce. Her mother returns to her hometown (the one she wished to escape so many years prior) for shelter but the pressures of the new... read more



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