Sakuranbo Syndrome

Alt title: Cherry Syndrome

Vol: 11; Ch: 95
2006 - 2009
3.637 out of 5 from 127 votes
Rank #7,949
Sakuranbo Syndrome

"Progressive Rejuvenation Syndrome." This is an extremely rare disease causing the inflicted person to gradually become younger. The main character of this story, Munenori Agawa, is the only person that could save Rena Amami from this odd disease. Agawa's saliva is the only thing that can halt the disease from making Rena younger, so they must kiss everyday in order for her to survive. This causes an immense amount of conflict and drama between Agawa and his new girlfriend, Sayako Asou. This triangle relationship story tests the capabilities and limitations of human love.

Source: MU

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JAhU Jun 24, 2014
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Moved from my blog. This was written based on only half of the series unfortunatelly: Summary: Munenori Agawa is a relatively successful employee of a cosmetic company. Despite that he isn't perfectly content with his job and life. He does not have a girlfriend and in his everyday work he mostly has to deal with female coworkers. Those ladies tend to take advantage of him (in work related matters) a lot: A... read more

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