Sakamoto-sensei wa Nigedashitai!

Alt title: Teacher Sakamoto Wants to Run Away!

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2017 - 2018
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Sakamoto-sensei wa Nigedashitai!

Brought up by two strict teachers, it was only natural for Sakamoto to pursue the same career path as his parents, and after years of study finally sets foot in a high school as a fully-fledged educator. Only problem is, he's only now just realised he really, really, really doesn't want to be a teacher! Thus starts Sakamoto's frantic search for any opportunity to resign, from starting scandals to showing his unprofessional side at work. But he's just that good of a teacher that they're not willing to let him go! Not to mention his eccentric co-workers, the bespectacled Nanba-sensei and the ditzy Shiina-sensei, just adore him. Will Sakamoto ever find a way out of this living hell?

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