Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

Vol: 13; Ch: 95
2006 - 2018
3.692 out of 5 from 81 votes
Rank #18,184
Saint Seiya: Next Dimension

In 1990 (previously 1986, but Kurumada moved dates), in Elysion; the five Bronze Saints Seiya, Hyōga, Shun, Shiryū and Ikki, having wreaked havoc in the Underworld's army and succeeding in resurrecting the God Cloths, engage the god Hades in a final duel to the death. During the battle, Hades remembers that he has seen Seiya's face before and comes to the conclusion that he faced him before. He thus starts reminiscing about his previous host body, and the story starts 247 years prior, in the 18th century. The protagonist, the Pegasus Saint of this era, is an orphan who is best friends with a boy named Alone, the host of Hades. Former Bronze Saints Dohko and Sion, two prominent characters in Kurumada's original manga as the sole survivors of the holy war of that century, have just been promoted to Gold Saints and eventually the two duos meet.

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The Saint Seiya Next Dimension is both sequel and prequel to the Saint Seiya manga. The story follows the end of the Saint Seiya and involves time-travel, therefore it is both sequel and prequel. By the time I am writing the review it is about 10+ years since the first volume and it is still incomplete. If you haven't read the original Saint Seiya manga you should do so before reading this manga. Story 7/10 The story follows the same basic formula with some minor twists and replaces/remakes the events of previous holy war as portrayed in the Lost Canvas. On one hand I like that the author did not diverted from the formula much. On the other hand it is pretty much same. What surprised me that at one point it really seems like there is no way that the good guys could turn the situation around. Unlike in previous arcs the main goal is not to save the world, but to save one man. The saving world might occur in the process as side effect. The accent of the story is different in that. Art 9/10 The art is something special. Behold the manga is in full-color. It is the classic art style of the original Saint Seiya (same author). Characters 8/10 There are the same old great characters Kido Saori as the Athena, Ikki, Shiryuu, Hyouga, etc. The gold saints of the previous and the current (from the original Saint Seiya) generation. Interestingly unlike in the Lost Canvas the gold saints of the previous generation while similar on a surface also exhibit different character traits. Some also use somewhat different techniques of fight (Shijima). It would be best to use an example, but that would be a spoiler. Japanese difficulty: 4/10 (1 - very easy / 10 - very hard) I would say the difficulty is pretty average. Furigana is included. In comparison to other manga series I have reviewed it is in my opinion slightly more difficult to read than the Sailor moon manga.  Overall 8/10 I’ve read all released volumes in one go. I would definitely recommend it to any Saint Seiya fan. Overall it is better than the Lost Canvas and other spin-offs, obviously it is made by the original author. Personally for me the original Saint Seiya manga is still the best of the Saint Seiya universe.

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