Saint Seiya: Episode G

Vol: 20; Ch: 87
2002 - 2013
3.75 out of 5 from 83 votes
Rank #14,795
Saint Seiya: Episode G

In ancient times, the Titan Cronus and his wife Rhea gave birth to six children. Five of them were swallowed by Cronus, and only one was saved, Zeus, hidden from Cronus by Rhea. Upon reaching adulthood, Zeus forced his father to vomit the other five gods. Zeus, along with his brothers and sisters, decided to battle the Titans for control of the universe. Cronus and the other eleven Titans lost the battle and were sent to Tartarus. Thousands of years later the enemies of Zeus, the Titans, were revived and began to seek vengeance against him and the Sanctuary. This marked the start of Aiola's story and the battle of the Gold Saints against the Titans.

Source: MU

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