Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo Naku Kanteishi (Kari) Rashii desu yo?

Alt title: It Seems the Strongest Job is Not Hero nor Sage, but Inspector (Provisional) Instead?

Vol: 6+; Ch: 46+
2017 - ?
3.802 out of 5 from 709 votes
Rank #15,996
Saikyou no Shokugyou wa Yuusha demo Kenja demo Naku Kanteishi (Kari) Rashii desu yo?

An average student got to another world and was granted the strongest job. No not a hero, not a sage either, it's inspector. With the ability to inspect anything and gather information accurately, surely this is the strongest job there is.

Source: MU

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[Reviewed at chapter 32] Okay, so this isn't as bad as "Hidden Dungeon Only I Could Enter", but it isn't that much better either. The story isn't anything special but it is reasonably engaging, and the artwork is pretty decent too. Unfortunately though, the MC is annoying - he's likeable at the beginning and he has his moments, but his growing stupidity eventually starts to get to you. The MC is OP and continously gains cheat skills out of the blue, yet he finds himself in precarious situations thanks to his stupidity, lack of self awareness and slow personal growth. Take archery for example, it's something one can improve upon by simply training normally, yet he doesn't seem to be able improve it at all without relying on his skills, which as we see becomes an issue when he's unable to access those skills. On several occasions he comes across as the most OP, yet useless MC ever. On the bright side, he has a cheery and positive disposition and doesn't have that "loser" look that a lot of similar manga have. As for the supporting characters, there's not much to write about. 32 chapters in and we still don't know much of their backstory or circumstances, nor is there much emphasis on character detail, so they feel more like background characters rather than regular supporting characters. Overall, I like that the manga doesn't take itself too seriously, I like that it's not depressing or stress-inducing, yet at the same time it's not too slow-paced either, and is even somewhat enjoyable on the odd occasion. Will I recommend this manga to others? Probably not - maybe only if you've run out of other manga to read. Will I finish reading this manga? Certainly. I begrudgingly look forward to the next chapter and see how the story unfolds.

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