Saikyou Kenshi no Re:Start (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2019 - ?
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Saikyou Kenshi no Re:Start (Light Novel)

Estelt was a member of the Hero’s party and the world’s greatest swordsman. He died in the battle against a calamity-class monster and found himself reborn as an elf girl, Melk!? Ten years later and now a graceful young lady, Melk felt misgivings about her past life of only slaughtering monsters, and made up her mind to become a healer which helps people this time. Eventually, she took the test to defeat monsters so as to leave the village, but—she received no damage at all due to her physical enhancement! She can even defeat strong monsters with just a wooden stick!? Furthermore, she saved the disciple of the Hero from a pinch and was instantly asked to join his party!! Nonetheless, that was only a sliver of Melk’s true strength…!!

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