Saikyou Housing App de Kaiteki Isekai Seikatsu (Light Novel)

Alt title: Leading a Comfortable Life in Another World With the Ultimate Housing App (Light Novel)

Vol: 2+
2019 - ?
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Saikyou Housing App de Kaiteki Isekai Seikatsu (Light Novel)

Ordinary salaryman Fujishima Yoshitatsu was suddenly transported into a grass plains in another world. As he stood in confusion, a command window like in a game suddenly appeared before him, and by manipulating the “housing” app in it, he could obtain the necessary item for living in an instant, even build a house. He was able to lead life without a hitch due to the app, but then, a group of humans and monsters came to clash right around his house! “The outside is dangerous. Far too dangerous.” With the power of the app, no one could intrude into his land and he was safe. But one day, he extended a helping hand to a girl and a kobold who were injured due to battle, and found himself getting involved in the war…? Fujishima was mistaken as a legendary magician because of the app, but he then aims to bring peace between the humans and the monsters so as to lead a fun and relaxed life in the other world!


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