Saikano Gaiden: Sekai no Hate ni wa Kimi to Futari de

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
2001 - 2006
3.476 out of 5 from 190 votes
Rank #12,656
Saikano Gaiden: Sekai no Hate ni wa Kimi to Futari de

A group of soldiers are about to rape a young girl on the battlefield when a lone sniper saves the day. She approaches him and together, they set forth for his house as he'd like to have sex with her. Once there, the two discuss the war, the importance of guns, and reflect on their time together amidst all of the bloodshed and violence...

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STORY: The idea behind this manga's story is not bad. It's actually pretty unique. If the story was presented right and it was blessed with a less retarded translator it could have came out more than decent... unfortunately this wasn't the case. So because of the crappy childish translator, the oneshot does things that no actual professional writer in literature of any kind would do. What the translator does is force readers to listen to their personal opinions and genralisations about the story's content during the stories beginning and ending as if it was part of the manga itself. It's not written as a translator note. This idiot decicided to mix their own feelings in the manga's translation as if it was part of the story itself trying to create an original feeling based on their own bias before you even get to the real content of the story. Unfortuantely that is only one issue created by the translater. In fact I may have originally thought it was the mangaka who came up with these shitty comentaries at the beginning and ending if it were not for how obvious the translater was that they put their own spin on the story. The tell tale sign that you are reading partial fabrication is that the translator decides to fit swear words throughout the oneshot that are not even japanese words. Like a child who thinks swear words are "cool" they are not even properly used. Anyone who reads with any regularity can see these spicific swear words and comentaries pop out as if they are a 3D blemish on the original manga. I can't read Japanese so I have no way of knowing how much of this story is changed to fit the translaters desire to push their opinions and personality off on other people. However, I do believe a good chunk of it is changed. That being said, the story is quite twisted but very unique, so it's good in that regard discounting the beginning and ending issues as well as the swearing. I'd probably give the story an average score or above. ART: The art in this manga is good. Some scenes are drawn really well while others are more mediocre. The issue is the few black pages with crappy text most likely wriitten by the translator in the beginning and the ending. But that may or may not be part of the official version. I can only speculate. CHARACTERS: The characters in this manga are interesting the story is told as a narrative by a bullet of a man who died in war which I find super unique. There are really only 3 characters that are in more than 1 or 2 frames. They are the bullet, the man, and a younger girl. Each of these characters were good especially for the amount of time the reader has to get to know them. Overall: I'd say that unless this manga gets a new better translation it's best to skip it.  (I had to edit this cause I didn't get much sleep when I wrote it and it was messed up. I fixed it though)

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