Saika no Kami wa Negawanai

Alt title: The God of Calamity Wishes for Naught

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2019 - 2020
4.031 out of 5 from 56 votes
Rank #2,989
Saika no Kami wa Negawanai

Ancient Egypt, a time when Gods ruled the world. The Wargod Set, who wishes for war, harbors dissatisfaction with his elder brother, the country's current ruler Osiris, who aims for a "world without war". One day, at Osiris' behest, Set and his brother sneak out of the palace. The moment Set takes his eyes off his brother, Osiris is assassinated. Suspected of treason, Set is condemned to be executed... or so he thought. Upon opening his eyes in his room, before Set stood Osiris who should have been dead?!

Source: MU

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