Sadistic Beauty: Side Story B

Alt title: Sadistic Beauty: Oejeon B

Ch: 37
2021 - 2022
3.292 out of 5 from 579 votes
Rank #35,463
Sadistic Beauty: Side Story B

On the day Doona, who he always thought was one step lower than him, received the grand prize, Byun Min-ho, who was watching Doona from behind receiving everyone's congratulations, climbed up to the roof of the school and held his breath due to subtle emotions mixed with jealousy and defeat. Cried out without anyone knowing... Cha Woo-kyung, who secretly watched him, has been dreaming of having him alone since the day he saw Byun Min-ho's unpretentious expression on his face. 7 years of waiting. It starts today.

Source: MU

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Despite what the tags say, this is not BL nor is this romance. This is pure rape, torture, violence, and cruelty where Minho is subjected to sexual, physical, and psychological torture. If you're into this sort of stuff, go ahead, I won't call you messed up in the head or anything *nervous laughter*, but if you're a person who is disgusted by such content, don't read this because you will hate every moment of this manhwa and you'll leave with new mental scars. I'm not someone who can't handle violence, etc., but when certain works go as far as fetishizing the brutal rape of a character crying out for help only for the sick viewing pleasure of others, that is where I draw the line. I didn't think that fellow human beings would want to stoop so low as to normalize and fetishize the rape of another person, especially an innocent one. On her twitter account, the author of Sadistic Beauty has gone as far as mocking what is happening to Minho, stating he "deserves it" 🤨 when she is the one who created his character in the first place... so whatever he did that she doesn't like, well, lady, that's how you literally wrote him LMAO. Minho has never raped anyone, murdered anyone, he has never done anything bad enough to justify the way he is being treated--tortured--right now, but the author insists that he "deserves" it. A bit disturbing, I dare say, saying that another human being "deserves" to be brutally raped. No one deserves this but sick bastards who do this to others, and last time I checked, unlike Cheon Doona and Cha Wookyung, Minho is NOT a serial rapist! The author's response leads me to believe that she is projecting her hatred and bad experiences with a man from her life onto Byun Minho's character, and that she may hate men as a whole. Notice how the lesbian couple and the straight couple [both include a woman] had a happy ending, but she uses the leftover men to create a "gay" "couple" in a side story which isn't even BL, it's just Cha torturing and raping a very straight Minho. The author may even hate gay men. This entire sidestory reeks of fetishism and homophobia put together, making it all the more sickening. Also, just imagine how immature you have to be to resort to torturing fictional characters to cope with personal grudges from real life, embarassing, really. Plot: There honestly is no plot, the story is just Cha keeping poor Minho locked up and raping him when he comes home. Art: The art is very nice, and take note that the author of SB is different from the artist of SB, go support the artist (their work is wonderful), but someone needs to boycott this damn author for god's sake. Characters: A psychopathic serial rapist (and perhaps also future serial killer, I can see Cha going the Sangwoo route) monster meets a poor innocent straight guy who is at the author's mercy due to having bad experiences with men in her personal life. All in all, they make for terrible characters. Love Minho, hate Cha. - Xen

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