Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku

Alt title: Love Whispers, Even in the Rusted Night

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2014 - 2015
4.052 out of 5 from 309 votes
Rank #3,467
Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku

Mayama reunites with his old middle school classmate, Yumi. Mayama is captivated, but Yumi has a boyfriend. Then he learns Yumi's boyfriend hits him...

Source: MU

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Hoshikochan Mar 22, 2019
Score 10/10

This is just the beginning of much larger story. If you read the spin-off, presequel and the sequel, then you will understand more of the characters feelings and what's going on.  The character development was just amazing, the story might sound like it's nothing special but no, this is a serious one. This tells a story of a 'pure, toxic love'. There is violance, and you get to learn how this all... read more

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