Ryuuka Mami no Kiyuu

Vol: 3+
2016 - ?
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Ryuuka Mami no Kiyuu

The story begins in Odawara. Sukiya-zukuri's Ruka Mami and the girl, Kiyu, picked up under the overpass. A ghost whispers to them. And the memory of the ghost revives. Ruka Mami, a tall beautiful woman who drives an old car and lives in an run down property. She hears the ghost's whispers and sees the ghost's memory. On a rainy day, the story begins with picking up a girl, Kiyu, who was sheltering from the rain under the overpass near Odawara Station. At the request of the non-life insurance investigator, Sauropus androgynus, Ruka Mami and Rai, who wanted to cooperate in the investigation of suspicious death...

Source: MU

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