Ryuu to Ichigo

Vol: 14+; Ch: 181+
2020 - ?
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Ryuu to Ichigo

Ichigo Aida is a 14-year-old who lives aimlessly day-to-day, unable to find something worth devoting her life to. But when she ends up betting on a game of competitive shogi with her school counselor Miyamura, Ichigo decides to wager her life on it. Ichigo ultimately ends up losing the bet, and tries to jump out of the window, but is quickly stopped by Miyamura. Miyamura, who has now effectively taken her life under his wing, tells Ichigo that he senses she has hidden talent for shogi, and begins having her participate in one shogi tournament after another. "I want to win at shogi." With that mindset, Ichigo starts competing against one strong opponent after another, and with every move she takes, she rapidly becomes better and better...

Source: Shogakukan

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