Ryouomoi Nante Joudan ja Nai!!

Alt title: It Can't Be Mutual Love!!

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2013 - 2014
4.021 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #9,864
Ryouomoi Nante Joudan ja Nai!!

Kanda Tokizou, 42 years old. He has an unrequited love for his best friend from high school, Shiba Ryuuji, for 25 years. He has always depended on Shiba, but there is no possibility of him telling his straight friend about his feelings. “To live my life with my best friend at my side isn’t so bad.” But now, at the age of 42, there is an unexpected chance. Could their relationship possibly change..?

Source: MU

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I accidentaly stumbled over this manga and I am happy, that I had the opportunity to read it. Reading this felt like an fresh breath of air because of the way the author dealt with this. Taking it on with the seriousness it deserves, it wasn't tiring to read on the contrary it was real fun. Way too often for my taste the scars unrequited love leaves are glossed over. To endure 25 years of pining makes a person weary. So thankfully this was taken into consideration and turned into something believable. There is no sudden kiss and make-up story, the characters don't jump onto each other just because they discover feelings, which were to believed absent. No, this was kept realistic as in - they had to talk with each other, deal with how they feel and felt, with their thoughts, their lifelong friendship and the rift all of this causes. Thankfully there was no earth-shattering incident like a car crash, a life-threatening disease or a goddamn rape, love-triangle or something akin, which are unfortunately taken up so often as a story gear to bring forth changes. No, they had to explore and they were hurting. The one more, the other a bit less - but nevertheless there was emotional baggage, which had to be dealt with appropriatly. I'd loved it to have one or two more chapters, but this is okay. And gosh, I did giggle at the interfering girlfriend reports, which were revealed in the end. Such a meddling woman. So yes, I give this story 9 points even, when the story and art are not top notch. There is more to rate than just this, there is the feel-good element and the gratefulness for an thoughtful author and artist.

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