Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushu-sama (Light Novel)

Vol: 5+
2018 - ?
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Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushu-sama (Light Novel)

Dias turned from an orphan to the savior of the country through his deeds during the war. To reward him, the king bestowed him the territory at the frontier of the country. But, when he headed to his land, he stood dumbfounded when he found that there was nothing but grassland. At the desolate grassland, he came across a strong-willed girl, Arnar. But, there was a bright green horn growing from her forehead!? As he followed the girl, he reached a dwelling where people with horn lived! Will Dias be able to serve a lord of the land? How will he be able to live in a grassland without anything? Can he even survive here??? The story of a troubled lord in a land of sword and magic begins here!

Source: Earth Star

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