Running on Empty

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
3.95 out of 5 from 220 votes
Rank #7,130
Running on Empty

Han Soo-Bum has nothing to lose. Dying seems to be the solution to all his problems. How hard can it be to kill himself? Unless he gets abducted by a hot guy Lee Hyuk Soo running from the law who has been falsely accused. Where will they run to, and what are these feelings blooming inside our fugitive’s heart?

Source: MU

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I was less than impressed. The concept isn't bad and I liked the characters, but it fails to make anything of it.  There were moments that could have been intense and far more interesting, but those moments were just blow over. It kind of turned the serious things in to trivial matters, if even that. It dragged out through a lot of pages too. That story could have fit in two chapters or maybe five. It didn't need 12. It skipped over a lot of time, skimped on character development, used up whole pages to get almost no where, and spent almost no time on any single obstacle or event. For something in color, I feel like someone wasted a lot of color ink!! (I read it online, but still, it was probably printed somewhere!) Overall, it had decent ingridients but it couldn't make good use of them, so the whole thing fell flat. It wasn't emotional. It was only interesting because I wanted to know if the guy would eventually kill himself. It didn't leave me happy or sad. If anything, I felt cheated and annoyed.  The art annoyed me a lot too. I really don't like when backgrounds are pictures taken in real life. Even though they are usually edited to make it look less real, it's obvious. It gives a tacky lazy feeling. It feels like one of those threatening notes with letters cut from a magazine. I've seen it done for one or a few parts of a manga,but almost every scene? It looks so dumb..especially when you have drawn characters anime style in a real life car...Plus some pages had three of these pictures and nothing else and to make matters worse, they didn't really create any setting or feel like they contributed to the story at all. I would have prefered they just left out the backgroun completely.  So yeah, I'm not impressed. I don't know why it was done the way it was. I tried to think of it as a unique way of expression, a unique way of doing things...but no....I can't make myself like it. The two scenes I did like were rushed and over with so quick that I didn't like them that much in the end. I give it a 4 out of 10 for concept and characters (not character or story development, just the bases.)

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