Royal Seventeen

Vol: 3; Ch: 12
3.175 out of 5 from 271 votes
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Royal Seventeen

Seventeen-year old Rubina Hanaki is bored. As the daughter of a rich family that owns a large corporation, she's treated like a princess - but a life filled with etiquette lessons, arranged marriages and boundaries is not what Rubina wants for herself. On a day like many others Rubina escapes from the mansion and enters a fast food restaurant where she meets the wildly-attractive yet boldly-rude Allen Kazami, and heads home after he attempts to forcibly seduce her. However, she soon discovers that Allen has been hired to be her bodyguard, and when doors are closed he won't take no for an answer! His carefree, dangerous attitude and unrelenting attempts to ravish her ignites a swirl of emotions in Rubina that she can't ignore, and she's determined to grasp an opportunity to escape her living hell. But there's more to their relationship than meets the eye; dark secrets of Allen's past may threaten their union...

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nathandouglasdavis Mar 19, 2019
Score 1/10

The art is garbage. The characters aren't believable or interesting in the slightest. There's no sense of consequence to anybody's actions and no sense of struggle since victory comes too easily to Allen. The story is so detached from reality that it's impossible to take it seriously. With scenes like a helicopter punching another helicopter, one would think that this is almost intended to be a gag... read more

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