Alt titles: Roxana: Yeojuingongui Oppareul Jikineun Bangbeop, The Way to Protect the Female Lead's Older Brother

Ch: 43+
2021 - ?
4.377 out of 5 from 4,462 votes
Rank #119

Kidnapping, murder, and risqué relationships! Within the scandalous pages of The Abysmal Flower, the downfall of Roxana Agrece’s criminal family is already foretold. So when Cassis Pedelian, the heroine’s older brother, is kidnapped by Roxana’s father, she can either wait for the heroine’s revenge... or take matters into her own hands, since Cassis is the key to her survival. But with deceitful characters on all sides, can Roxana and Cassis trust each other enough to bring down the brutal Agreces?

Source: Tapas

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<Note: This isn't a reverse harem> You're in for a ride with this one!  The plot is gripping, the art is phenomenal (so many hot people), and the characters are interesting. It's definitely twisted, but it's beautifully twisted. Honestly, I didn't feel too uncomfortable reading this webtoon, probably because I was ready for the gore and cruelty of the situation, and none of the FL's cruel actions felt too out of line. Plot: The plot moves at a reasonable pace. The reading experience is pretty intense. The world-building is nice, and there weren't many exposition dumps. I enjoyed reading how the FL deals with the situation. The events are interesting, and the backstories flow well with the present story. Characters and relationships: The relationship between FL (Roxana) and ML (Cassis) is progressing at medium pace. It's not the healthiest relationship, but it's not uncomfortable to read.  FL does things expected of a villainess. She's accepted she needs to be cruel to survive. It's not the childish kind of cruel or the overboard nonsensical cruel, but one that is just right, and totally understandable in her dog-eat-dog family. She's cunning for sure, and in normal settings she could be considered evil... but this isn't a normal setting. The ML is good. We don't see much of his personality yet, but he seems interesting. If his character is more dynamic in the future, I'd raise the characters score. The FL's younger brother (Jeremy) is twisted (protective and yandere), her older brother (Dion) is even more twisted (I-like-to-see-you-cry and probably yandere; he's obsessed with Roxana, but doesn't seem to be in the incest-y way), with the father being the most twisted (just evil - treats children like objects and is very ambitious). The twisted sisters and mothers add to the story very well too.  I realize the brothers sound incest-y in this review, but while reading it doesn't feel that incest-y; it's just a twisted family. Art: The expressions, the eyes (the details in the eyes are beautiful), the hands, the muscles, and basically everything are gorgeous. Everyone is good to look at. All proportions are well drawn. The art's one of the best I've seen. The artist uses light well to emphasize dramatic moments. I'd say the relationship between the art and plot in this webtoon is similar to that of "The Villain's Savior". The art really matches the story - I'd say it even boosts it. There are no chibi moments that interrupt the seriousness of the story. Overall: I recommend you give this a try if you can stomach what's been stated in the tags. You'll probably like this if you like "Your Throne". Btw, I was reminded of the song El Tango de Roxanne when I read the webtoon. I'd say the name and tone of the song suits the webtoon pretty well.

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