Route End

Vol: 8; Ch: 54
2017 - 2019
3.694 out of 5 from 119 votes
Rank #11,172
Route End

Due to a harsh experience in life, Haruno eventually becomes a cleaning specialist in the field of clearing the remnants of the deceased. After a particular day, Haruno becomes involved in the curious case of 'END'.

Source: MU

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The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.In a nutshellA manga about a serial killer that does not value humans’ lives and a guy that works in a special cleaning company, clearing the remnants of the deceased. One day, Haruno Taji receives an order to clean an apartment after the murder that was committed some time ago by an infamous killed called ‘END.’ What awaits Haruno?StoryCrime stories can hardly surprise anyone today; however, this manga is a bit different. It focuses on the "Cleaners," who remove every single trace that is left by corpses. Taji Haruno is one of the “Cleaners,” the story focuses on. Once in his city a maniac called "END" starts committing horrifying murders and his famous trademark is always to dismember his victims and to use the body parts to then lay out his nickname. Haruno would be glad to have no business with the murders, however, one day, he becomes directly involved in them.Route End is a classic detective story. Unlike many other detective stories, which are just so bad, that you know who the murderer is from the very first chapters, Route End is different. There are so many small details and even when you think that you have the whole puzzle, even the protagonist of the manga is unsure who the real murderer is. In addition to this, another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the manga is not afraid to show some explicit scenes: it has sex, nudity, corpses and just more than enough things to make you feel sick. And the most important thing here is that they are needed for the story and never feel to be overused.All in allOverall, Route End is a very interesting detective story that does have a somewhat weird pacing, but it is not that much of a problem and is something you will easily get used to. Definitely, a very unusual story with blood, sex, nudity, very dark story and some superb character development. Do give it a try.

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