Rosario + Vampire Season II

Alt title: Rosario to Vampire Season II

Vol: 14; Ch: 67
2007 - 2014
4.212 out of 5 from 3,027 votes
Rank #801
Rosario + Vampire Season II

Tsukune, Moka, Yukari and the others are back, and ready for more adventures at the Youkai Academy. After hunting down a doppelganger, exposing a serial prankster and even dealing with the hassle of joining school clubs, things take a serious turn for the worse: an evil human organization threatens the sanctity of the monster haven, using an innocent girl in the process! With Moka's vampire blood now running through Tsukune's veins and a limiter keeping him from turning into a ghoul, plenty of Moka's sisters now in the picture and a conspiracy around the corner, this year at Youkai Academy will prove to be the most dangerous yet!

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NOTE: I am basing this review on both the first and seond seasons.  Also, NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE, watch the anime... it killed the story and the manga. Story: At first, the story of Rosario to Vampire seems simple and very comedic and entertaining. Poor Tsukune, who is just a normal human teenager, gets the biggest misfortune of his life when he accidentally gets enrolled into a school of monsters. The first person he meets, however, is a gentle, cute, and loving girl, Moka, but later does he find out she is in fact a vampire, which is hard to believe based on how she acts like an angel and looks beautiful. Moka herself also later finds out that he is a human, but she does not care, for Tsukune was the first friend she has ever had and does not want to lose him when he decides to bail out and head home back to the human world. For the rest of the story in most of the first season, it is about how Tsukune must survive, make a social life within this school of monsters, and struggle with his emotions for Moka. As you can see, the story, like I said, seems quite simple and very funny, but later on into season one, and now really getting interesting into this season two, you will realize there is more to the story than meets the eye.  The adventure of Tsukune starts to get more complex as the story progresses, leading to new enemies, new friends, new mysteries, bigger battles, and more bloodshed. You will see powerful and deadly enemies arise, mysteries that sometimes make steam come out of your head come to life, and the romance of an unusual and unwanted couple become stronger. Characters: The characters in this story are all entertaining and fun in their own way. All the characters have a proper backstory, except for maybe... *SPOILER* Kurumu *SPOILER*... who didn't get a really well explained and intimate one like most of the others. In my opinion, Tsukune is the most entertaining character who eventually becomes one of your favorite badasses of all time, while Moka is the character with the biggest and most mysterious background.  Moka's backstory is constantly stressed throughout the entire manga, and you don't really get a good picture until later in Season 2.  Even then, Moka's background still feels a little mysterious and you fell like there might be a LITTLE BIT more to it. Either way, all the characters have had their hardships and bright times in their lives. They all constantly question themselves and their feelings for their friends and try the best they can to protect eachother in hard times. Art: The art in Rosario to Vampire starts out kind of a little weird looking for some reason, in my opinion, in the first season, but it isn't bad at all.  As the manga pregresses the art becomes better and better over time, and really starts kicking in Season 2.  All in all, the art is nothing special, but it isn't bad either. In my honest opinion, the art seems just right for my taste and I see nothing wrong with it.  The characters are easily recognizable and you can't mix them up. Throughout the manga, I only have ONE little problem with the art, and that is *SPOILER* the god/fox spirit dude or whatever, when he transforms into his god/fox state, he looks like the 9-tailed fox from Naruto, especially in season two when he increases his power, giving himself like 6-10 tails *SPOILER*. One of my faborite things in the art is *SPOILER* Tsukune's goul/vampire mode which just looks really badass and pumps you up like you want him to rip a bad guy to shreds! Overall: All together, I really like and enjoy Rosario to Vampire, especially Season two where the story REALLY starts kicking.  If you like a manga with action, a shit ton of comedy, and a nice romance between two unlikely... people... then Rosario to Vampire will definitly satisfy your tastes, and still leave you itching for more.


Yes part 2 actually gets a whole lot better than part one.  There is still room for more story if they ever want to add more.  This manga is in a class all of it's own.  Few if any stories, anime, or manga pay such close attention to all classical story detail as taught in English Composition classes in America as this one does.  The ending is one of the best story endings I have ever read.  There is plenty of character development, plots, sub plots, antagonists, protaganists, foreshadowing, and so on.  All the classical story elements that makes a good strong solid story exist in this series that is so sadly very often missing in many anime, manga, and even many Western stories, movies, novels, comics, and tv shows.  There is an excellent blend of mixing enough realism and real life elements and other classic tales into this to give it a solid footing upon which to base the story.  All the characters reach their apex in development, though it focuses more on an overall adversary seemingly working behind the scenes. It is as if all the different paths, subplots, and side stories merge at the endpoint in this series.  The friendships become solidified and they fight together common enemies virtually as one.  The enemy is a strong one and there are many on the enemy's side.  Still though they have matured and developed, they as a group have not completely lost thieir childhood either even to the end there are still things to learn and they are still in school.  I love where the story takes you and what happens to Tskunai and Mocha.  Their connection is rock solid strong and they have far more in common than anyone would have realized when you start reading the series for the first time.   In the anime, Tskunai is practically useless and more a hinderance than a benefit.  He is not even strong enough to act as a leader moral or other wise with any strong conviction.  He is too weak and fades to the background far too much.  Moka seems to take on too many of the qualities Tskunai has in the manga and she even takes on many of the fights that were actually meant for Tskunai so they basically merge Tskunai and Moka into one as Moka and have the left overs acting as Tskunai.  It makes his whole story and character such a drag on the story that it is hard to watch.  Never in any other anime was such an important major character relegated to such a useless background role.  This does not happen in the manga.  They are two distinct but complementary characters in the actual story of the manga.  They give each other strength when one or the other is weak and get weak when the other needs to be strong for the both of them.  It is a well balanced story with plenty of purpose for every character.  It is so richly done it has plenty of time for the little things like humor.  And best of all, it doesn't that stupid ball shaped bat in it.  LOL.  If you ever read one manga, especially if it is horror or comedy related, then read this one.  It is one of the few worth reading more than once even.

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