Room Attendant to a Naughty Novelist!

Alt title: Ikenai Sakka to Nakai-kun!

Ch: 6
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Room Attendant to a Naughty Novelist!

Iori Tachibana has never had any problems with women. He debuted as a romance novelist with stories based on his own experiences, which both made him quite famous and started his extravagant spending habits. Now, for various reasons, Iori has writer's block, so he travels to a secluded inn in the mountains looking for a cure... The inn is run by his old friend Madoka, who assigns cute, young Souma as his room attendant. But, Souma's a guy! Iori had been hoping for a girl... In particular, he'd been hoping for the beautiful female dancer he briefly saw outside. He thinks she might just be able to cure him...

Source: Renta

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