Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective

Alt title: Kamonosaki Ron no Kindan Suiri

Vol: 12+; Ch: 122+
2020 - ?
4.04 out of 5 from 187 votes
Rank #2,917
Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective

This unusual duo brings the hidden truth into the light! Ron Kamonohashi, a private investigator with serious issues, and Totomaru Ishiki, a pure-hearted but dim police detective, team up to solve the most baffling mysteries. 

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If you are at all familiar with Amano Akira's past work Katekyo Hitman Reborn then you will see some familiar patterns appearing in Ron Kamonohashi. In Reborn, the first eight volumes were light-hearted and left clues that would lead to major conflicts later in the series. She used comedy a lot of comedy that didn't really show up later in the series and she introduced the audience to many of the organizations that move around in the world. Many of her characters had exaggerated personalities that mellowed out as the series became more serious.   In Ron Kamonohasi there is a very decent chance she is utilizing this same storytelling pattern. Right now, as of chapter 17, we have completed several cases. The story is still in its comedic phase so that it can easily introduce the world without the characters being put into high-stakes situations. Even though I think it's a little early for a full review I will share my current impression of the series. There will be slight spoilers below this point. PLOT:  The plot centers on two detectives, police detective Totomaru Isshiki and Ron Kamonohashi who was kicked out of his private detective academy. Toto is the worst detective in his precinct and needs Ron's help in order to close cases while Ron, who does not have a license and therefore can't accept work, needs Toto in order to find cases. we are starting to see the beginnings of what will happen later on in the series. Organizations are being introduced or at least mentioned. They are meeting characters that may or may not be added to their detective team. And there are mysteries surrounding Ron that need to be answered. Like KHR, there is plenty that the series has to unfold and will once she is finished laying out all the pieces. As of chapter 21, the pieces are coming together.  The Mysteries:  Edit as of chapter 47: Akira Amonao is playing around with different formats for the mysteries! As someone who watches a lot of crime shows, I think the few cases we've had so far have been pretty good. Akira Amano places the clues to who did it into her art or what people say, usually her art. It usually takes me two to three read-throughs of the long cases to pick up on all of the clues but it's really fun! As her art is some of the best in the business it makes it a pleasant reread! The Characters:  Edit as of Chapter 47: Although we have met more characters I'm not sure I can say we have really gotten to know any of them apart from Ron. While I really like Ron as the titular character in the manga, and he's hot and a mix of Hibari Belphagor and Reborn, a singular character can't carry a long-form manga on his own. We've learned a lot about Ron, and he has grown as a character. There are also several issues that theoretically could get in his way of singularly solving the mysteries. Which it does appear that the story is finally moving into more of a team format instead of Ron only.  Toto is adorable, but we really don't know much about him. He's clearly the foil for Watson to Ron's Sherlock, but he doesn't really doooo much. He is clearly the emotional and mental support for Ron, though.  Spitz has been present a few times in the story. He is very similar to Gokudera. If it does go into a team format he will most likely be joining them, as he and Mofu are the two side characters interacting with and helping them the most.  The villains are compelling so far. There appear to be a lot of tangled webs to unweave involving them. The designs for all of the characters are superb, though and i hope we see more of them! Honestly, I think it's too early to judge the characters as there are only 17 chapters out currently. I will update this later. 


The limbs are splonky, the highlighting shlonky, Totomaru's hair yonky, the overreactions gronky, and the humor badonkawonky--if you know what I mean. This is a comedy-based detective series, entirely dependent on the quirky behavior of Ron Kamonohashi for its entertainment value. The mysteries themselves are alright, but would honestly be somewhat lacking if it weren't for feir over-the-top mannerisms. Ron consistently does inappropriate and weird things such as reclining next to corpses at crime scenes or veering off into tangents, and after each case is solved, fe unconsciously (and against feir own desires) tries to pressure the culprits to kill themselves. And most surprisingly, the culprits actually do try to kill themselves. Feir eyes have the ability to hypnotize them or something, and it's all somehow connected to the mysterious scar on feir neck. Chapter 13 is an important turning point in that it offers some rough answers as to why this happens to Ron and who the long-term antagonists will be in the series. Ron creates fake names for each case--partially because fe's disallowed from doing detective work (and thus has to make it look like Totomaru is the one solving the cases), but also partially because fe's just a weirdee. Fe has to be on guard from the instructors at the Blue Academy, who will try to kill fem if they ever catch fem doing any detective work. Also, fe drinks brown sugar syrup straight out of the packet, flips feir hair out of feir eyes when fe's solved the mystery, and has what amounts to a bucket list but filled with oddly specific things (such as "hula hoop at an observatory"). Fe has a lazy cat that sleeps in strange positions and often gets stepped on by accident. [Reviewed at chapter 17]

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