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Dec 20, 2017

It seems like baseline chars get my 8 score which I guess is fine it has to be really dull or annoying to get lower than that. Oh and over 525+ finishes and not a single review this seems a bit sad. Time to checkboxes and fill it in.


It's almost the same as the manga/anime opening scenes/chapters. It's a pilot and those usually show how the manga(show) will unfold. Who Luffy is, his basic interactions with Shanks, and how he got his powers, but almost everything else is different but the one constant that I saw that jumped is Nami(Shiruku) is still useless it seems no matter how far from one piece we get she still can't do a damn thing, and yes I've seen a shit ton of the show and read a ton of the manga she can take care of the cannon fodder, but when it comes to anyone with any sense of skill she crumbles like sand. Read-only for those who want to be 100% of a series.

 I actually read the second version of romance dawn that  That oda wrote later on. I have to say the 2nd Roman stone is not as good as the 1st because the 2nd nami type character has a bird that's called a roc which is used in the original series but it looks nothing like the roc there and she is just as incompetent as the nami that we all know. Better story but not better and not worse. The two stories came together so wasn't hard to find IMO.

7.2/10 story
8.1/10 art
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Feb 27, 2020

This is the original take on Luffy's story, basically mashing together the origin story in the opening chapter of One Piece along with the emphasis on non-monetary treasures found in the Buggy the Clown storyline. This version has a noticeably less interesting setup and world. The most glaring problem is the attempt to make a clear distinction between the good, adventuring pirates called "peace mains" and the bad, pillaging pirates called "morgania." And then making explicit the idea that Luffy is a good guy. It was the right call to take that distinction out and just have all pirates be called pirates, and have the readers realize that Luffy has different values because of feir actions rather than feir label.

For some less glaring problems: this version has an antagonist, Crescent Moon Gyari, with no character appeal. While many of the villains in the early One Piece storylines aren't the greatest, they are still better than this guy. And this version also says that the devil fruits come from the Illusion Tree, but it's much better to just leave their origin a mystery. It's also awkward the way they try to fit Luffy's origin story into a condensed flashback. It was a much better decision to flesh out that story into a full chapter. Especially since fleshing it out allowed for Luffy's character to be developed more which then let me grow attached to fem, something which this one shot does a very bad job of doing. The giant shark is also a much less interesting sea monster than the giant eel they ended up using. Also, this one shot didn't have the ideas of the One Piece or the King of the Pirates. And while those ideas are admittedly a bit silly, they do provide a long term focus and clear direction to the storyline--creating a sense of cohesion and stability to Luffy's adventuring. And without that, in the type of world this manga is presenting, Luffy would have just been aimlessly adventuring. It would have been a lot less captivating. And then this version just jumps ahead to a bearded Luffy with an already full crew, implying that the meat of the story from that point on wouldn't have been showing feir journey of building a crew. And the journey's the whole fun of it.

2/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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