Rokunin no Usotsuki na Daigakusei (Novel)

Vol: 1
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Rokunin no Usotsuki na Daigakusei (Novel)

The fast-growing IT company "SpriLinks" is hiring new graduates for the first time. The remaining six job-hunting students who have made it to the final selection are given a topic and tasked with forming a team and having a group discussion about it within one month. Shougo Hatano begins to deepen his connections with the other five applicants so that all six can receive a job offer, but just before the final interview, they're notified that the task has been changed. The new task is to "choose one potential employee out of the six of you." Suddenly, the six former comrades become rivals who are at each other's throats trying get a hold of the lone position. And then, in the middle of the debate on which the job offer is at stake, they discover six sealed envelopes. When each of them opens the envelope with their name on it, they find a accusation letter inside with the words "**** is a murderer" written on it. What lies have these six told, and what crimes have they committed? And what is the "killer's" goal...?


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