Ring My Bell - Part 2

Alt title: Urijip-e Nolleowa! 2

Ch: 36
2020 - 2021
4.192 out of 5 from 403 votes
Rank #980
Ring My Bell - Part 2

Second season of Ring My Bell.

Includes 4 side story chapters.

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I think I enjoyed this season more than the previous? Not sure, lol. I guess I just prefer to read about couples that are already living together, in opposition to all the confession-stuff before getting together. I loved that there wasn’t as much drama as I feared there would be, lol. That new character, who got to be the antagonist of the main couple, was handled pretty well actually. Not so cliché as in all the other romance stories. It was nice to see a change, and to have characters mature enough, to stop themselves from causing unnecessary drama. Of course, since the main couple wasn’t as dramatic, the author had to put in a second couple. I can’t blame them (why does our society have to be into those things?), but I found it a bit unnecessary or at least rushed. I felt like the author mostly did that for drama purposes (which worked, I suppose), but other than that, didn’t really planned much for the characters’ future. It involves the religious friend. And I did love it again, how her character was handled. I really love her growth throughout the series. For example, when she stood up to her mom, when her mother was being homophobic. It really shows how much she has improved. Overall: I loved how some things were handled very maturely and there wasn’t unnecessary drama or toxic behavior that was romanticized. No wonder it isn’t so popular, because apparently people these days only prefer toxic relationships... Well, if you’re like me, who’s sick of all the toxicity, then do check this out. Plus, the humor is good.

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