Ring My Bell

Alt title: Urijip-e Nolleowa!

Ch: 30
4.258 out of 5 from 784 votes
Rank #544
Ring My Bell

Hell yeah! A major publisher wants Mai Sohn to write a webcomic on relationships. But she’s struck with heartbreak as her girlfriend abruptly dumps her. It’s hard writing about relationships without being in one, so she needs to find the inspiration for love — and find it fast. And what’s up with her possibly homophobic neighbor? Why is she cool with Mai one minute and then so awkward and weird to her the next?! Can’t a girl catch a break?

Source: Tapas

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Calling all GL lovers out there!  I highly recommend you try this webcomic.   The story of Ring My Bell is about Mai Sohn, a rising webcomic writer who just signed her first big contract.  On that very day, a day which should have been filled with joy, her girlfriend of three years leaves her.  To add insult to injury, she runs into her neighbor right after and sees that she's carrying a bunch of anti-LGBTQ+ flyers.  From there, the two form an unlikely friendship...but are they really just friends?  The art was really nice.  It was quite webcomic-y but by no means did it feel overexaggerated.  While I don't think it necessarily stands out as anything original or eye-catching, it was pleasant on the eyes. The characters were awesome. All of them felt so realistic.  It was nice to read a GL where there weren't any traditional stereotypes.  They were all complex and interesting.  They run the gamut from characters who are out and proud of being lesbians, to characters who are in the closet to characters who struggle to understand that their friends are gay.  Honestly, seeing as this is a character-driven webcomic, the quality of the characterization was going to be a huge selling point for how good the webcomic would be as a whole.  They were each their own individual and they each got their own character development arcs.  There are no random growths or tonal shifts within the characterization.  All of it felt realistic and relatable, in one way or another. Overall, I would honestly recommend this webcomic to anyone, but I would especially recommend it to those who are interested in GL.  I understand the struggle of finding something without stereotypes and without male influence.  This is truly a webcomic written by women for women.  

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