Vol: 12; Ch: 75
1988 - 1990
3.411 out of 5 from 85 votes
Rank #28,714

In the late 1990s, society is descending into ecological collapse and totalitarianism. Saiga Riki-Oh, a mysterious man with a six-pointed star on his fist, finds himself at the privately-owned Tokyo State Prison. Serving a term of three years due to assault, his first offense, Riki-Oh openly antagonizes The Four Emperors, four powerful prisoners that control the prison and keep the rest of the inmates in line...

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oh boi where to begin This is the kind of series you have to shut your brain off. Any attempt to understand the story will simply backfire on you. There are 5 main arcs in this series. Every arc feels like the last one. Everytime your like ok now this is the end. turns out there is a bigger bad waiting for you. The story changes per arc. Mostly because the information isn't revealed then. At first its prison break. Than its underground fighting, than its something, than its something else. You think this series is crazy now? Wait till you read the next chapter. There is so much bullshit in this series im astounded that i thought for even a moment that this series can't get crazier. The first 2 arcs of this series are a bit mundane but thats because the series doesn't accept itself for what it is. The series is very stupid with a lot of over the top bullshit. But it takes itself seriously. As such campy moments aren't that fun, and the emotional moments in the series have 0 impact. It kinda sucks it takes so long for the series to get together. Though there are still crazy ass moments that are enjoyable there are just spread too thin in the first 2 arcs. Also the fact that there is supposed to be the emotional tone that doesn't really work. I did enjoy the last 3 arcs. They weren't spectacular or anything. But it seems like the author accepted the fact that this is a stupid series and as such should go crazy. Though i do believe that he went absolute batshit in the last arc. I'd say it in more detail but that would be spoiling the ending. As far as the action, its as crazy as you'd expect from the 80's. Its absurdly violent and there is so much blood you think everyone is holding a ketchup bottle. The main character Riki is absolutely ridiculous. He punches characters and the other side of there body explodes. The MC gets shot and is fine 5 seconds later because he missed all his vitals and only scratched his heart. His powers are also absolutely inconsistent. He can break steel and bend iron yet he can't handle a couple punches. There is this Ki thing which is basically this manga's Ex-machina. Enemy too strong? Just use Ki. You need some sort of extremly specific power that won't be mentioned ever again? Use Ki to channel it. and so on, and so on. I mean at least it looks cool. The story falls apart (Even more so than it already had) at the end but by then i don't care. Like who gives a shit about the story when you have a characters that chokes people by using his own intestines that he brought out from his own stomach in the heat of battle. This is one of the calmer scenes before it turns into dragon ball z. If the art reminds you of the Fist of the North star thats because the artist was an assisstant for HARA Tetsuo. No doubt he picked up a few tricks Despite the campy fun for the later half of the series. It just isn't good enough. I think they wasted too much time on exposition and other uncessary components for it to be enjoyable as a whole. TLDR: The tone of the series kept changing from serious to campy ruining the flow. Amongst other issues. 5/10

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