Vol: 2; Ch: 15
2011 - 2014
3.392 out of 5 from 139 votes
Rank #24,474

A boy named Nishizawa Kazuya is in his second year of middle school. Unlike his younger sister, Rika, he is good at a lot of things and is the fastest runner in school. Parents and others think he is a responsible and hard working child. It seems that he is a perfect and good child but he has a secret that he can't tell anyone. Every day he enjoys taking a peek at his sister... undressing herself.

Source: MU

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Recently I’ve been picking up manga to see just how weird they can be. I've found some really disturbing ones that i don't have a AP page and i don't think they ever will or should despite them not being hentai Rika here was one of those picks, but not nearly weird enough. It's just as weird as any other incest manga you can find. Before we get into this, i dug up on the manga's backstory and found that this manga recived a silent axe. You'll see that this isn't cancelled but on a hiatus. Since about 2013. It's on a permanent hitaus. So it's basically cancelled. You can be pretty sure it won't be continued. <extremely mild spoilers for the first 2 chapters here on> Story Every character is a bit screwed here. The brother likes to peep on his sister while she is dressing, The sister likes to let him do anything he wants and swears obedience to him, the father discusses sex ed at dinner table and the brothers best friend asks the brother for his sisters pictures to jerk off to. The story is somewhat interesting in the start. It doesn’t really keep you on the edge of your seat brimming you with suspense or anything, but you just want to know how it will go. And for the most part (at least till the first volume ends) it does it pretty well. But the problem begins as soon as the second season starts. It completely deteriorates from what the first volume set and goes out to do something totally else. And for some reason it isn't done well. Seems awfully forced and is not as interesting as the first volume is. I think the author had a grand plan to bait people in with the premise set up in the first volume and go with something totally else for the remainder of the volumes.  Art. Pretty well done. It's plane but very detailed most of the times but sometimes there is more attention put into the characters face than her uniform or her background. Gets a bit annoying later on as it progresses. Also reuses drawings sometimes. Improves in the second volume  Characters Nothing I can say about that won't be a spoiler. They are developed pretty well.

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