Rewriting the Villainess

Alt title: Angnyeo 18-se Gongnyakgi

Ch: 42+
2021 - ?
4.097 out of 5 from 115 votes
Rank #7,964
Rewriting the Villainess

Commander Liza Mary of the Imperial Knights returns victorious to the Empire of Phaeton after a long war to subjugate an enemy kingdom. But little did she know that her beloved fiancé Illian would leave her for Flora, the princess of the fallen enemy kingdom… After drinking herself into a heartbroken stupor that night, Liza awakens to the modern world in the body of timid high-schooler, Doeun. Puzzled and confused, Liza seeks to find out what happened and return to her own world, aided by Doeun’s friends Ian and Lora, who look suspiciously like Illian and Flora!

Source: Webtoon

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