Rewriting My Dark Past

Alt titles: Heugyeoksareul Eopsaeneun Beop, How to Get Rid of My Dark Past

Ch: 95
2020 - 2023
3.143 out of 5 from 167 votes
Rank #36,742
Rewriting My Dark Past

Our protagonist wakes up to find herself in the world of a novel she wrote in middle school—one she's tried to burn to ashes! Follow Rayna Solei as she navigates her new reality with her loyal servants and a trusty black dragon! Will she ever find her way out of the novel and back to real life?

Source: Manta Comics

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Interesting story premise executed poorly. Everyone is familiar with Mary Sue characters. Standing out too much, super edgy, either super friendly or insanely antisocial. This is who our lead ends up inhabiting. After finding an old novel that has insanely bad writing, characters, plot and cliches galore, she burns it out of dread of having written it during her teenage years. Unfortunately for her, she goes to sleep that night and wakes up in the body of our main girl (whose name I couldn't bother to remember). With such an interesting premise, you'd expect this would be some sort of comedy, right? I mean, it would make sense. Outrageous characters, ridiculous nicknames, cliche tropes. Nope. None of it. Not a single trace of comedy to be seen. Granted, I should have checked the tags first, but you would think it would be a comedy at any level, given the premise. Unfortunately, all you get is super boring nonsense that isn't even remotely entertaining. You could easily chock this up to poor translation, but I doubt even the writing could save this. It's just a boring nothing cake with a very uninteresting lead character attempting to "fix" her characters in world, which isn't possible. So she's stuck frantically doing... nothing. The nobles made fun of her because of her questionable wear before inhabiting the body, but she doesn't really do anything that makes her stand out all that much. I would say she's irritating, but that requires her to be interesting, which she is not. Dropped at chapter 10.

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