Reworld Frontier (Light Novel)

Vol: 3+
2016 - ?
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Reworld Frontier (Light Novel)

“I’m good at support roles, can I join your party?" Ragdishart, a young explorer, has the ability "Enhancer": an ability only chosen by 1 in 100, and is infamously considered the weakest ability ever. No-one would let him in their party, but little do they know, he holds a second, more powerful ability. "Multitasking", which means he can simultaneously control 10 or more arts. Requring superhuman concentration ability, it take him only 3 minutes to be able to strengthen his physical ability 1024-fold. Hence, Ragdishart is both the “weakest” and “strongest”. In his adventures, he travels to a ruined tower that extends to the moon, called “Lunatic Babel”. When boy meets deity, the story begins.

Source: NU

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