Revenge Wedding

Ch: 84
2020 - 2021
3.73 out of 5 from 954 votes
Rank #14,340
Revenge Wedding

Mercedia Sasha has it all: looks, wealth, status... No man is good enough for her, and she makes sure everyone knows the fact. Her single life is peaceful and perfect... until one day, she wakes up wearing a hideous wedding dress aboard a ship in the middle of the ocean! To her horror, someone has devised an elaborate kidnapping to wed her off to admiral Demetriu Cyprosa, the empire's greatest war hero—or massive jerk, as others call him behind his back. What’s worse, they're headed to a deserted island for their honeymoon! Can the incompatible newlyweds put aside their quarrels to plan an escape? Or will their stubborn ways get the best of them before they can exact revenge on the ones who set them up?

Source: TappyToon

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This story did many things that were very unique for this kind of story, and I am impressed that they managed to pull them off without issue. Humor: This was deffinitly a little diffirent from the normal romance stories I read. While I didn't enjoy the humor, it wasn't bad by any means. It didn't make me cringe, I just am not into that kind of humor. People who know me know my disgust of rom-coms, so I was very surprised that while the humor of this story gave off rom-com vibes, I wasn't repulsed by it. Some things I found funny, and the other jokes I didn't laugh at were indeed humorus in their own right. Unlike rom-coms, the comedic moments are not made through misunderstandings or obsticles the couple has to face. Instead, it is more focused on the flaws of the individual character. I personally enjoyed seeing this new perspective on comedic elements. Story:  The begining of the story is more comedic, and focuses on how the two leads have less than ideal personalities, the FL coming off as a rich kid who can't survive on their own, and the ML as an emotionless warrior who eliminates all threats without hesitation. I plan on going more into detail on the characters later. Once the leads make it back to the mainland, the comedic bickering between them are slowly towned down into friendly (and sometimes flirty) jabs being exchanged between the two. This aspect is well used, and the audiance is able to get to see some character development. For the overall plot, there is only one main story that is being told, with ocasional minor conflicts along the way. Pacing was also well done, especially the romance, and it felt very natural. Some elements were a bit predictable, but not anymore so than most stories.  Characters:  The two main characters are written to be flawed misunderstood individuals, the female lead especially having a personality that one would see in any villianess. Of course she never does anything that would put anyone in physical danger, nor would she seek out to ruin a person's life. She does however, come off as very self-centered and incredibly rude at times. She is a character who carefully plans how to get back at those who wronged her. Somewhat early on, the audiance is given a hint that such behavior might have an underlying cause, and how this is revealed is done in one of the best ways I have seen. The male lead has a much more traditional character development arc, where he slowly warms up and becomes protective of the female lead. Art:  The art is alright, however I do firmly believe it could do better. The artist seemed to dip into a couple variations of art styles in the begining of the story, mostly the shading is what is messed with you some might not even notice. Even after the artist develops into a consistant art style, it feels a little lacking at certain moments. Still, it never becomes an eyesore. My main issue with this story is that it overall feels a little flat. This might be because it is diffirent from what I normally read, however I felt like the moments that were meant to create strong emotion often missed the mark by just the slightest margin. My conclusion is that due to the overall shorter main plot, some moments felt like they deserved more buildup. However at the same time I wouldn't want to change the paceing by much, as it is paced very well to begin with. This is the reason why I am giving this story a lover score, when I otherwise would have given full marks. However I do not think this should discourage new readers from giving it a try, as I have said I did quite enjoy it.

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