Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound

Alt title: Cheolhyeolgeomga Sanyanggaeui Hoegwi

Ch: 44+
2023 - ?
4.251 out of 5 from 1,342 votes
Rank #553
Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound

Raised to kill like a pack of loyal hounds, the Baskerville children took countless lives as a band of fearsome assassins. Despite being the shunned illegitimate son of the brood, Vikir served his family faithfully, only to meet his untimely demise at his father’s hands. But when he is inexplicably reborn with a second chance at life, Vikir, armed with the memories and knowledge of his past, swears to rise above the pack and take his revenge. This time, he's ready to bite the hand that feeds.

Source: Tapas

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I love myself a good revenge story from time to time. MC is also a reincarnator? Sign me in! But this one? Yeah this is on the level of trash. The pacing is all over the place, there's absolutely no set up but all kinds of pay off. I'll explain. usually authors will mention something seemingly unrelated to main plot somewhere for that thing to be revealed to mean something more later on, that's set up and pay off. When it's done well it feels rewarding for us readers because our minds keep track of these things. Here MC will just magically do something, then author will add a line "Oh he did it when he was a child" or "happened in his previous" life. It's so abrupt that it's not believable. I know it's fantasy, I'm not saying that things should be realist because as I said earlier I love isekai, reincarnation stories which usually involve a kid MC acting like an adult. But this one? It doesn't make any sense. And the only reason why is because we aren't shown anything. MC swing a sword like an expert. Author: "well he learned it some years ago". Me as a reader: "wait what? when was it?". And it's the same for everything really. And don't even get me started on plot convenience, it's xanxia-esque at this point. Like just give him god status or something. Everything in this story is "and he just so happen to stumble across". The thing that annoys me the most? Author didn't even bother to create a coherent world building. He literally took storylines from famous books, myths and just put them in his story. If you do it once it's fine but every single plot point of the story? What the heck? I can't connect at all with this world because of that, it just ruins immersion at this point. Like everytime I hear a name of a place or someone, or an event I just think of the real life counterpart and just like that immersion ruined. I'm sorry to say this but either this is a troll story or author never wrote a book in their life. or even read one. Because it looks like someone took plotlines from random stories that they found cool and mashed them together in an attempt to create a "meta" setting. Well it sucks. I've rarely given such a bad review but i felt trolled and it annoys me.The art is average. Not a good read at all.

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