Revenge Game

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2.605 out of 5 from 160 votes
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Revenge Game

One day, Matsui Sakura receives an invitation to a "Revenge Game," and decides to attend. At the location indicated, she ends up locked in a dorm-like building with four of her classmates. It appears that the Revenge Game is being run by a wealthy classmate, Saionji, who was bullied so badly by some of the students that it ruined his life. Now he is taking his revenge, in a brutal game that allows him to have one of his former tormentors killed each morning. 

Source: MU

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Story: I am a complete sucker for revenge games. Or survival games. Or stuff where you have to kill your own friends and classmates or know what? Call it Battle Royale. This story, is mainly the first one with a dash of the third, minus the wanton brutal butchering. But I digress, I forgot the point I'm making. Probably a- oh, right, "Revenge Game". Nevermind. As the title implies, revenge happens. In a "game" format. But it's mostly revenge, where a bullied rich boy who was bullied gets his revenge on his bullies. Hence, the title. There are no "Saw" or "Hostel" methods of murder, it's more humane than that, as far as killing fellow former human classmates gets. It's what you'd expect and it can be predictable but it does offer some nice twists. And it ends on a strong note, the kind of ending I like! Art: It's nothing special but the main girl is pretty cute, and the bullied guy, or main villain, is... something. Not overly gory and the blood is not detailed, kinda stuff you'd see in a shoujo thing. Or whatever thing the villain would appear in. Don't know. Characters: I didn't overly hate everybody or anybody but we don't learn much about them in the volume of page-time. I mean, you can only do so much in a single volume, right? You learn what they did to get there and some stuff about the main. Spiffy and stuff. Overall: I'm pretty biased towards revenge stuff so I'd definitely enjoy it. Others, probably less. You, most likely less. But you can still find some enjoyment out of it, or outright hatred for the villain. Still worth checking out and you could read it in a jiffy.

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