Return to Player (Novel)

Ch: 332
2019 - 2021
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Return to Player (Novel)

The world has turned into a game for the sake of the gods' entertainment—but one player decides to defeat the forces behind the game and bring the world back to humanity. Sehan Kim, a socially awkward video game fanatic, is the sole survivor of the last playthrough of the game that Earth has become: a world where Observers watch with amusement as humans die gruesome deaths at the hands of vicious monsters. Before the end of the game, Sehan receives a player bonus allowing him to restart the game with all his memories intact. Knowing that he will be the final survivor, sehan is determined to use the knowledge from his past life to defeat the gods and restore the world back to normal. Can this former gaming nerd beat the gods at their own game?

Source: Yonder

Includes 10 extra chapters.

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