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2020 - ?
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Ten years ago, a group of gods turned everyone on Earth into players of a sadistic game that forced them to kill monsters in real life -- or be killed themselves. Sehan Kim has already seen how this game will play out: everyone in the world dies except for him. When he’s given the chance to go back in time and start a second playthrough, Sehan is determined to change the course of events and beat the gods at their own game.

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unrippledcicada and magah0 did not read the story and are just needlessly bashing it.  Anyway, on to the actual review. You'll like this mahnwa if you enjoy this kind of story with apocalyptic settings. And no, just because a story has stuff like game elements, a strong protagonist, gods watching over humans, etc., it does not mean it copied another story. Omniscient Reader is great, and I really love that novel/mahnwa too, but it's hardly the first or only other story to incorporate these things into it.  Neither is the story a harem. As far as I know, as I have not read the novel because it's only in Korean for now, there is no romance at all. Even if there is later on in the story, it would not be a harem. Also, that's really gross because one of the reviewers who bashed the mahnwa suggested one of the female characters introduced so far, a girl who's maybe 14/15 years old, is part of the harem, which is not okay since the main character Sehan is an adult and a college student. Any likelihood of romance would be between Sehan and the other female character, Jisu, who's friends with him from college.  The main character Sehan is hardly a "boring", stale protagonist either. The reviewers who bashed him say that he's generic, but he literally spent ten years in his first playthrough, until he was the last human on Earth. Ten years surviving and killing, completing grueling quests, and doing who knows what else to survive. Also, the previously mentioned Jisu, on the first day of the apocalypse, she sacrificed herself to save him. Imagine the world ending and on the very first day, you had to see a friend of yours murdered in cold blood. Since Sehan was the last person to survive, he probably saw plenty more people he knew die. It's no wonder on his second playthrough, he wants to save people and make sure this playthrough is better than his last. A few last thoughts: I like the art style of the mahnwa. It's a litle rough around the edges, but I actually like the way this artist draws. The artist of the original web novel is a great illustrator too, but I feel like the mahnwa artist more accurately depicts the characters and their ages. It might just be my personal preference, but the way Sehan and Jisu are drawn in the novel for example makes them look a little too young. Sehan is smart and capable with all of his experience from his previous playthrough and I really like how he dealt with the basilisk in the second main quest. I like the other characters, their abilities (shape shifting, forging weapons, etc.). So go give this mahnwa a read on Webtoons!

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