Return of the Blossoming Blade - Characters

Alt title: Hwasangwihwan

Return of the Blossoming Blade

Main Characters

Cheongmyeong Cheongmyeong

Secondary Characters

Baekcheon Baekcheon
Cheonma Cheonma
Hyeonjong Hyeonjong
Iseol Yu Iseol Yu
Jo Geol Jo Geol
Yun Jong Yun Jong

Minor Characters

Baeksang Baeksang
Geumryong Jin Geumryong Jin
Gohwi Gohwi
Guchil Guchil
Hwang Jong-Ui Hwang Jong-Ui
Hwang Munyak Hwang Munyak
Hyeonsang Hyeonsang
Hyeonyeong Hyeonyeong
Isongbaek Isongbaek
Jabok Beon Jabok Beon
Jangmun Jangmun
Jeongbin Jeongbin
Jonghak Jonghak
Jongpal Jongpal
Jongsan Yu Jongsan Yu
Mokseung Gi Mokseung Gi
Munyeon Gong Munyeon Gong
Seohan Jong Seohan Jong
Seung Seung
Unam Unam
Ungeom Ungeom
Uryang Seon Uryang Seon