Rettougan no Tensei Majutsushi: Shiitage Rareta Moto Yuusha wa Mirai no Sekai wo Yoyuu de Ikinuku

Alt title: The Reincarnation Magician of the Inferior Eyes

Vol: 9+; Ch: 77+
2018 - ?
3.995 out of 5 from 1,266 votes
Rank #10,267
Rettougan no Tensei Majutsushi: Shiitage Rareta Moto Yuusha wa Mirai no Sekai wo Yoyuu de Ikinuku

Abel was a genius magician who held immense power in a world where the color of your eyes indicates how powerful you are. However, the strength that came with his amber eyes was so great, even his comrades looked at him with fear and contempt. He therefore decided to transfer his soul far into the future, hoping to find a paradise that accepts him. He would soon find out that people’s attitude regarding his eye color did change, but not quite the way he had imagined…

Source: MU

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My god. This was interesting at the beginning but turned into a shota and shota-loli situation down the line. I literally just finished 60 chaps (more like skimmed, because I finished under 2 hours) hoping it gets better because it's funny how cartoonish the villains are and how their asses got handed back to them by the MC (you know, just your average OP MC) but if that is trash level entertainment, it even turn trashier when the loyal demon girl, who has been waiting for him to reincarnate, turned to be horny for him (to be fair, nobody would actually wait centuries for a person to re-awaken if they aren't horny for them). His idiotic underling is even more entertaining than him. Also, every male character hates our MC (of fcking course) because of the main plot point that amber eyes are supposed to be for non-magical people. As if that isn't enough, he even ends up charming almost all the girls in his school while having no charm whatsoever, because our MC is one of the emotionally dead MC ever.  Now you will think all that above is enough to turn you off, but NO there's even something worse: our MC literally is having a sexual relationship with the loyal demon girl. You kinda expect it, but it's just worse worse worse because they're posing as siblings in the school! Demon girl literally can't be apart with MC and decides to follow him by posing as one of the professors in the school he's attending, pretending to be siblings on top of that, while also sneaking out at night to have sex with him!! I'm utterly speechless about it. What happened to my OP isekai manga? Overall, not worth reading at all!!!!!!!! You couldn't even read it expecting hentai because it literally leaves you blue-balled. They don't show actual sex scenes. They just get naked and kiss (while MC has the most dead expression on his face btw) and it's implied they had sex. DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANNA WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

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