Rensou Mode

Alt title: Delusional Mode

One Shot
3.804 out of 5 from 78 votes
Rank #5,755
Rensou Mode

Nicknamed “The Prude,” Aizome Maiko is a misunderstood girl who actually has explicit fantasies. When a boy with a delinquent’s face, Yajima Keisuke, ruins her dream romantic encounter, she forces him into slavery by getting him to carry out her ridiculous plan to reach the man of her dreams. What has “The Prude” have in store for Yajima and will her ridiculous plan succeed?

Source: MU

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angelsreviews Nov 19, 2013
Score 6/10

So I really like where this manga was going. Sometimes the ideal guy isn’t the one you are supposed to be with. Also, sometimes the ideal guy is not so ideal on the inside. The one shot was a little long and it was pretty perfect to be long because it was crammed full of interesting situations when itself is a normal situation that keeps happening within a manga. We got to see the different personalities... read more



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