Rennai Lesson no Jikan Desu

Vol: 2
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Rennai Lesson no Jikan Desu

Sawa's a Freshman in a public high school, except she has no idea how to talk to boys. She gets so anxious she can't even speak! One day though, while worrying about even the possibility of having a relationship in the future, she meets a kind girl at a convenience store. But Sawa never would've expected that this nice girl... would turn out to be Yuuto, a boy who went to her elementary school! His older sisters force him to dress as a girl and run errands! Yuuto, who has his own set of issues, decides to start teaching Sawa about love in secret.As Sawa's fear of boys begins to wane, the two of them start having unexpected feelings as the lessons continue...

Source: MU

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