Rengoku Deadroll

Alt title: Purgatory Dead Roll

Vol: 6; Ch: 24
2015 - 2017
3.856 out of 5 from 112 votes
Rank #9,599
Rengoku Deadroll

Meet Sakai Hiroaki, a high school teenage mastermind with a genius-level intelligence and a lack of interest in anything that is easy to him. During one unlucky day, in an attempt to stop a student from committing suicide, he ends up committing suicide himself. After he awakens, he finds himself not in the real world, nor in heaven, but in purgatory, along with a group of others who did the same: commit suicide. Sakai discovers that he and his peers are subjected to never-ending intense death games in this world for reasons unknown to him, and he tries to find a way to escape.

Source: MU

Content Warning

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