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Alt title: Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu

Release That Witch
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Nov 18, 2019

**This review only goes for chapter 1 to 80**

I'll start of with my opinion about this manhwa.

I have read about 3-5 manhwa's about witches but this one is a bit more unique because of the fact that the MC is actually from another world which makes it entirely different from the one's that i have read so far. There are also some common scenes but most of them are more simillar to Fantasy isekai politics and not to witches manhwa's

Now I'll talk about the story (spoiler)

The story is about a man that got reincarnated as a spoiled prince at a medieval age period. I know a lot of Manhwa's that has this plot, but what makes this one different is because of the situation of the MC when  he got reincarnated.He was in a terrible situation and also at a huge disadvantage against his enemies.But because of the knowledge of the MC's past life he started to arise and challenge his enemies with the help of the witches. 

The art 

The art of this manhwa is really good because; first of all, it is full colored and the building's,Item's and characters are properly designed. I can say without a doubt that you would like the art style of this manhwa.


The character development of this story is good as it goes on. The MC starts to understand about the world he is currently in, and the witches starts to know the MC as a harmless and intsead discovers hat he is a kind Person.

Overall this Manhwa is above average and I recommend this to people who likes politics in fantasy world.

7/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Oct 3, 2021

 it's not bad for a manhua I expected much worse but it's not that bad in comparison to some of the better kingdom building manga out there like dr stone off that's just my own opinion I would've rated it higher than 2 stars if this didn't have harem I don't like harem at all and the main female mc is just too bland so yea if it didn't have romance tag it would be been a 4.5 stars for me 

8/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Sep 24, 2021


Surprisingly a good and unique one despite the fact that it's an Isekai.


I personally don't like it and find it average but I can see someone liking it.


Despite a good amount of characters, all of them are pretty unique and thus easy to remember.


Now you be wondering "If Story, Art, and Characters have good score, why is the overall lower?". The simple answer is nothing is explained. I don't mean the story the story itself is fine what i mean is the inventions. He suddenly makes something new without atleast a hint of him needing or atleast wanting it to be done. The process itself is pretty forgettable as it's literally "oh yeah we built that". Most of them doesn't even answer "Why did they build that?" Much less "How and when did they build that?", It's like it just happened which is a pretty bad thing in terms of progression.

8/10 story
6/10 art
8/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jul 13, 2020

OK so the idea is pretty nice but like more or less basic isekai 

Till around chpater 90 it's really good and 100% recommend after that they like have many many more varibales and not great character development for a lot of things and becomes much messier 

Hoenstly if it was shorter I might have given it a much higher rating but because it was so streched out like ummm no

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Dec 11, 2020

Excelent manga. I like the drawing style - witches are simply sexy ;) Story is also simple but funny and well pacing. There is nothing "unique" about this isekai, it simply use good and well know formula and execute it well - and that is good in itself.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
10/10 overall