Relationship Link

Alt title: Relationship Ring

Ch: 20+
2021 - ?
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Relationship Link

A red band, a ring, connected to a fateful opponent. When a red ring appears on the ring finger of your left hand, you cannot fall asleep unless you are in contact with that person. But my ring is with the brother of the person I had a crush on for 5 years... Shin Woo-seo, who has had a crush on his friend for the past 5yrs is suddenly link to Ji-Gun Kang, the older brother of Ji-Suk Kang who's his unrequited love. Ji-Gun Kang who repressed his feelings of Shin Woo-Seo for the past 3yrs is suddenly filled with an overwhelming feeling that was close to ecstasy once the red ring appeared. Ji-Gun plans to change the shape of their formal relationship, even if Shin Woo-seo doesn't want it.

Source: MU

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