Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker

Alt title: The Previous Life Murim Ranker

Ch: 22+
2021 - ?
4.271 out of 5 from 90 votes
Rank #3,835
Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker

The Strongest Guild, Griffin! SSS Ranker Gang Tae Ha challenges them alone! But he meets his death after a fierce battle. However… “…I am this pig?” I open my eyes, and it’s Murim? I am Yu Shin Un, the ruffian of Baek Un Clan? A chaotic situation with no time to rest. In the midst of incoming death! “You guys have no idea who I am?” Necromancy from former life. Martial arts from current life. He who wields both power! Now shakes the destiny of the World!

Source: MU

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